BOPO WooCommerce Product Bundle Builder

Bopo Bundle Products Builder for WooCommerce, is a premium and powerful plugin which lets you create bundle of products at once by setting the product quantity. You can combine the same or different product in one bundle.

The main features are:

You can choose to set the number of bundles for each product individually or globally. 

Set the minimum quantity of each item that will be included in a bundle (e.g. only sell 1-piece per order).  (This way you

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What is BOPO Product Bundle Builder?

BOPO WooCommerce Product Bundle Builder is an ultimate plugin for creating your own bundle product. It is a simple but powerful tool that can help you to create professional-looking bundles using your existing products.

BOPO WooCommerce Product Bundle Builder is a revolutionary plugin that helps you create professional-looking bundles on the fly without any programming skills and without any knowledge of the backend. It will allow you to build a bundle and sell it in just a few mouse clicks, by combining any number of products from the store.

BOPO WooCommerce Product Bundle Builder is a plugin that allows you to create customized product bundles with a single click.

This plugin provides you with the ability to create hundreds of different combinations, and automatically applies discounts and coupons. It also introduces the option of adding exclusive products to your bundles, which is not offered by any other WordPress bundle builder plugin.

Why use a bundle builder?


Bundle builders are a quick and simple way to get started on your website. You can use them to group together popular products, special offers, or anything else that you want to promote. By doing this, you can be sure that you’ll have a steady flow of customers coming in the door.

Bundles are also an excellent strategy for driving conversions. Bundles help customers make decisions faster by breaking down complicated or time-consuming choices into smaller, simpler ones. When you’re running a sale or promotion, bundles help highlight the savings for buyers who might not have been aware of them otherwise.

How to create an awesome bundle builder for your WooCommerce store!

A bundle builder is a WooCommerce extension that allows you to offer a variety of products as one discounted price. Traditionally, these types of offers have been popular with retailers selling items in bulk such as groceries or electronics.

This extension for WooCommerce allows the store owner to create a bundle of any number of products and offer them at a discounted price. If a customer buys all of the items in the bundle, they can get the discount. If not, they will pay full price for each individual product.

Bopo Product Bundle Builder Features:

  •  An item is designated as the default bundle item when it is assigned as a default.
  •  Products: Selecting which items should appear in the bundle.
  • Products to exclude from bundle items: Select which products should not be included in the bundle.
  • Selecting specific categories of products to include in the bundle.
  • The bundle item list may not include certain categories.
  • Select which products should appear on the bundle item list based on their tags enlisted in the tag field.
  • The bundle item list will not display any products with tags that are present in the tag field.
  • You can sort bundle items based on price in the list. YouSort by ascending or descending
  • Sort the suggestions for bundle items based on their titles. You can sort alphabetically or by date.
  • Sort suggestions in the bundle list by rating. Use ASC or DESC to sort.
  • Plus Stock: How many items are in stock of the current bundle item.
  • The current bundle item’s star rating is a plus one.
  • When hovering over an item in a bundle, a short description appears.
  • Thumbnails for posts (150×150)
  • Thumbnails (autoxauto) for WooCommerce
  • The WooCommerce single (900xauto) has been added
  • (100*100) WooCommerce gallery thumbnail
  • Catalogue of shops (autoxauto)
  • (900xauto) + Shop single
  • (100*100) Shop thumbnail
  • The bundle popup displays single products as well as all variables. When you click on the image, the bundle item will be set as the simple product or a popup will display variations of the variable product if it is a variable product.
  • The popup title needs to be changed
  • Changing the color of the text in the buttons and the bundle list pop-up.
  • Change the background color of the popup.
  • You can change the number of products displayed on a page by editing the pop-up
  • Depending on how you display variations, you can select a list or a select box.
  • Bundles can be customized according to your preferences.

System Requires

  • WooCommerce 4.0.x or higher
  • WordPress 5.0.x or higher
  • PHP 7 or higher

How to install Bopo Product Bundle Builder?

You can install the plugin by going to Plugins/ Add New/ Upload Plugin/ Selecting the file / clicking “Install Now”/ clicking “Activate plugin”.

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Wrap Things Up!

BOPO is a WordPress plugin that helps you to create your own WooCommerce product bundles. This tool will save you time and money on setting up your website, making it easier for you to use in creating more complex products. Comment below if you want to learn more about the product from its creator.

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